Twenty Fifteen

By in Research on 9th Feb, 2015

I’m not gone. I’ve just been swept into a wave since my last proper post in September last year.

In that month, I received four revise and resubmits for my manuscripts, some of which have been lingering so long under review I had almost forgotten about them.

Over the next two months, I leapt from one manuscript for a thirsty gulp of air before immediately plunging back into the depths of another manuscript, riding the thrilling intellectual current.

In the last few months, I’ve stood in awe as my publications have emerged one by one. Since September, I’ve received five acceptances for various journal articles and a book chapter. All of them are first- if not sole-authored and each of them are dear to my heart.

Infinitely more satisfying than publication counts is the writing itself. I find with each manuscript I produce, my voice crystallises further, my understandings deepen and become more nuanced, I feel closer to a sense of purpose. I’ve grown to love writing more… as if that was even possible.

When I can pull myself away from writing for a couple of hours this month, I hope to convert some of my pre-prints to PDF and share them with you here.

This year, I intend to continue feeding my love affair with writing and theorising. I submitted a manuscript in late January, which I’d be over the moon to see in print. Some of you in Melbourne may have caught wind of it from a small presentation I delivered to the Swinburne Identity Research Network.

It’s based on Gibson Burrell’s provocative re-eroticisation theory, where he suggests we could experience more meaning and pleasure in our work if our sexualities were widely encouraged, rather than suppressed at work.

With this in mind, I draw on my interviews with Chinese Australian men to explore how they reclaim eroticism and resist desexualised stereotypes of Asian masculinities through subversion and pleasure. For me, it was an exciting personal and political opportunity to illuminate the eroticised subjectivities of Asian men. I hope I’ll have the chance to share more about this manuscript with you.

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