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Hi, I’m Helena, and welcome to my blog on leadership. I completed my PhD at the University of Sydney in late 2012 where my research explored the ways leaders navigate through crisis, admit to failures, and enact their authenticity. My current projects explore transgressive leadership among marginalised groups. In 2016, I joined University of Technology Sydney as a Senior Lecturer in the Management Discipline Group. See my academic profile.

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Links to colleagues, friends, and favourite reads elsewhere on the interwebs.

Filling the knowledge gap will only take us so far in dealing with Australia’s leadership problems, Helena Liu writes.


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Ethnography, like art, is always political
Norman Denzin

The inaugural International Leadership Association Oceania conference began with a Maori waka tour. We intimately experienced the four seasons over five hours, enduring both scorching heat and icy rain as the waka coiled their way around Waitemata Harbour.

Saying goodbye at the airport was more difficult than I thought it would be.

Last Week in Sydney

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When I knew I would be leaving for Melbourne, I wanted my last week in Sydney to be memorable. For me, the week needed to be a celebration of the people I cherished the most as well as sum up why I was leaving.


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I was running on coffee and adrenalin the day of my graduation ceremony. I had flown to Melbourne and back the day before for an interview at Swinburne, and I was surviving on very little sleep.