Reverse Racism

By in Social Justice on 13th Feb, 2014

How a Game of Thrones marathon led me to discover Aamer Rahman.

Under extreme peer pressure, I recently caught up on Season 3 of Game of Thrones in one weekend. When the final scene of the season finale ended, I actually exclaimed aloud: “What the hell?!”

Was I reading too much into that last scene? I had been binge-reading critical race theory all week up until that point. So I do what I’m sure many of you do when you have a bizarre thought and no one else is around to verify your sanity: I turned to Google and typed into the search bar “GoT S3 final scene… racist?”

That’s when I discovered Aamer Rahman and his eloquent, humorous post on the messed up racial imagery of Game of Thrones.

Since then, I have read every entry on his blog and watched every video that exists of him on the Internet. Reverse Racism is one that recently went viral for very good reasons. Please enjoy.

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