New Beginning

By in Personal on 16th Jan, 2014

When I first left Sydney to begin my research fellowship at the Swinburne Leadership Institute in November 2012, I carved out this online space in order to document my expedition. But once I touched down on new ground, I found myself pulled headlong into work that by the time I came back up for air, a whole year had passed.

People are often sympathetic when they learn that I made the move to Melbourne on my own, but if I hadn’t, I’m not sure I would have grown so much. Some of the lessons I learnt are still stinging. I have been manipulated, lied to, and coerced, and “no” — a word from which I used to recoil — had to quickly become a part of my daily lingo. I have discovered wonderful things too, like the simple, tranquil joy of being alone, the charm of getting lost in an unfamiliar city, and the mind-blowing tastiness of hamburgers with buns that were fried in butter.

My relocation to Melbourne has also allowed me to cultivate an immensely rewarding and satisfying career. Research was always something I saw as a 9-to-5 endeavour; a job that offered autonomy, stability, and the ability to play a tonne of video games afterhours. When I attended the EGOS Colloquium in Montreal last year, I realised that my research had the potential to be much more. I began to ask, “What is research for?” and through my reflections, started to see it as a vehicle for personal healing and political change.

So this leads me humbly back here; a space I carved out for myself to talk about journeys and new adventures. I can’t promise I’ll post frequently or regularly, but I want to try — amidst an utterly consuming job — to reach out more often and create even greater opportunities for healing and transformation.

6 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. 1

    I am always interested in your thoughtful writings :)

  2. Raymond Trau

    I just discovered your blog! I love your writing!! I certainly can relate to your experience after living in 3 cities (and working for 4 universities) in last 5 years. I also can relate to the idea of doing research as ‘a vehicle for personal healing and political change’. Much to talk about when we catch up!

  3. 5

    Yes I have just totally stalked your weblog! You are one amazing writer and your passion in research is contagious. Belated welcome to Melbourne!

    • 6

      Thanks for your kind comments, Pei! I can say exactly the same about you. I hope to hear more about your research when the semester is over :).

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