About This Blog

3 years ago in Personal

Hi, I’m Helena, and welcome to my blog on leadership. I completed my PhD at the University of Sydney in late 2012 where my research explored the ways leaders navigate through crisis, admit to failures, and enact their authenticity. My current projects explore transgressive leadership among marginalised groups. In 2016, I joined University of Technology Sydney as a Senior Lecturer in the Management Discipline Group. See my academic profile.

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In late January, I started a new role back in Sydney.

EGOS 2016

11 months ago in Conferences, Research

Visual story of my conference and holiday in Italy…

Organisations frequently talk about addressing the lack of women in senior positions, but does the rhetoric lead to effective solutions?

Tourism, in countless magazines and blogs, can seem utopian. It often paints variously idyllic scenes of sunbathing on pristine beaches, partying until sunrise and endless shopping sprees.

Returning Home

2 years ago in Personal

I’ve longed for home more than ever in this past year.

Helena Liu reviews a practitioner-centred critical book on leadership.

Two years ago when the nights were long and cold like this, I found myself drifting in a new academic role.

A Tale of Two Bosses

2 years ago in Media

We love talking about authentic leadership but the idea that it’s just about being yourself is dangerously simplistic, particularly for women, the latest research has found.

Can effective diversity management promote gender and racial equality in business? I review a practitioner’s guide that highlights the challenges of looking for justice within a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

Twenty Fifteen

2 years ago in Research

I’m not gone. I’ve just been swept into a wave since my last proper post in September last year.


2 years ago in Quotes

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn
Mohandas Gandhi

Diverse Leadership

3 years ago in Research

Let me share with you three interesting sources that have shaped my thinking about diverse leadership since February.

Can work be good for employees and employers? Helena Liu reviews a new book that wrestles with problems of workplace organisation, but doesn’t go quite far enough.